EFFIGY Collection

Short-sleeve jersey Effigy 1.0

The expertise and the originality of Garuda in this Effigy collection with this jersey cut and sewn, and its stitched country flag badge.

Over-stitches / Full-length zipper/ anti-slip elastic Garuda on the thighband.
AVAILABLE SIZES : T0 (XS) // T1 (S) // T2 (M) // T3 (L) // T4 (XL) // T5 (2XL) // T6 (3XL) // T7 (4XL) // T8 (5XL) // T9 (6XL)
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SUMMER de 16° à 29°+
MID-SEASON de 6° à 15°
69.90 € ati

The GarTex© textile benefits from a real breathing power with its breathing multithreads system  and its micro alveolars. Ultra-light textile for an extreme comfort.


100% Polyester Multithread Breathing

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