EFFIGY Collection

Long sleeve jersey Effigy 1.0

The expertise and the originality of Garuda in this Effigy collection with this jersey cut and sewn, and its stitched country flag badge.

Over-stitches / Full-length zipper/ All Thermodress.
AVAILABLE SIZES : T0 (XS) // T1 (S) // T2 (M) // T3 (L) // T4 (XL) // T5 (2XL) // T6 (3XL) // T7 (4XL) // T8 (5XL) // T9 (6XL)
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MID-SEASON de 6° à 15°
WINTER de -5° à 5°
89.90 € ati

GarLex© Thermodress® , in winter or in semi-season when chilliness is always there. This textile will allow you to keep a good body temperature for a large part of the year.


85% Polyamid

15% Elastane