PULSE Collection

Tights Pulse

The collection PULSE gathers dynamism et elegance through its uncluttered aesthetic and its mixtures of colours.

Over-stitches/Ankle zipper/ appearing ankleband Elastic zipper.
AVAILABLE SIZES : T0 (XS) // T1 (S) // T2 (M) // T3 (L) // T4 (XL) // T5 (2XL) // T6 (3XL)
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MID-SEASON de 6° à 15°
WINTER de -5° à 5°
99.90 € ati

GarLex© Thermodress® , in winter or in semi-season when chilliness is always there. This textile will allow you to keep a good body temperature for a large part of the year.

Cycling pad Garuda ClassMax Technology for a high standing/quality comfort, longevity and efficient evaporation power with its Micro fiber and micro alveolade system. Pre-designed for a better sitting position. Shock-resistant.


85% Polyamid

15% Elastane

Other colorways